Earn Your High School Diploma in Richmond, Indiana at The Excel Center


The Excel Center in Richmond is located at 1215 J Street, Richmond, IN 47374. The school is dedicated to adults working towards a Core 40 high school diploma, industry-recognized certifications and/or college credit. As a public school for adults, The Excel Center provides:

  • Free tuition
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Personal attention and support to help prepare students for success in higher education and their career fields after graduation
  • Free child care in the drop-in center
  • Free transportation

Students can earn an Indiana high school diploma AND college credit at The Excel Center by taking dual credit classes. Graduating with FREE credits at Ivy Tech and other universities put students on a path for success in higher education. In addition, students can also earn an industry-recognized certification in fields such as Pharmacy Tech, Certified Medical Assistant, Early Childhood Education, Logistics and more.

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Ron Smith Wins 2016 Outstanding Student Acheivement Award

2016 Excel Center Student Achiever

At 49 years old, it's hard for Ron Smith to believe he was selected for the "Outstanding Student Achievement Award" in 2016. It's a huge moment for the Richmond student, who spent nearly 20 years of his life battling addiction.

"Ron has pulled himself up from a very difficult life and is relentless in his quest for a brighter future," one staffer says. Learn more about Ron's journey here.

The Excel Center in Richmond, IN 47374 is an adult high school providing coursework toward earning a high school diploma and professional certifications.  As a public school for adults, The Excel Center in Richmond is tuition-free and accepts students of all economic and educational backgrounds.  Individuals who have a GED may still enroll at The Excel Center in Richmond to earn a high school diploma.